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I’m so excited to join Melissa on this new blogging journey. Mel and I met through our mutual friend, Breena, before we began our families (in 2008, according to trusty Facebook), but our friendship really took off when we became mothers within six months of one another. Luckily for me, Melissa led the way and has taught me a great deal about parenting creatively. She and I share many things in common, and those similarities are what has propelled us to create and share ideas on this blog. If you are a new mom or are thinking about starting a family in the future, we hope that this space inspires you to get creative with your parenting and homemaking. If you are a seasoned mom, we hope that you, too, will be encouraged, and we welcome your ideas and advice.

I have been married to my husband, Scott, for five years. For those of you familiar with The Myers Briggs, Scott is an ISTJ, and I am an ENFP. For those of you not familiar with The Myers Briggs, those letters mean that we could not possibly be more opposite. Scott is orderly, structured, stable, organized, controlled, and responsible. Sounds boring, right? Well, he’s not. He is an avid Cubs fan, loves craft beer, and, like me, enjoys a good Netflix series. He’s an incredibly helpful father to our three children, Hank (4.5), Nora (3), and Duke (1). He’s smart, and he keeps our house clean. Like, really clean. Bless him. By God’s grace, we have joined forces in rearing our three babies, one snotty nose at a time. Despite our (many) differences, it is an honor to call Scott my husband, and every moment we share together sans kids, I am reminded that he is my, in the words of my daughter, favorite friend.

I grew up in Indianapolis and didn’t travel far to earn my English degree at a state college. After I graduated, I moved back to my home city, where I completed a master’s degree in Public Health. I work on a very part-time basis for a public health organization. While I’m still figuring out the work-wife-mom balance, I feel like I am in a comfortable season and am really learning a lot about personal time management, something I’ve struggled with in the past.

When I’m not wife-ing, mom-ing, or working, you will find me scrolling Pinterest for ideas on hosting my girlfriends. I love welcoming guests into my home and throwing parties, and nothing makes me happier than a beautiful, over-the-top, perfectly-placed tablescape. Colorful cheese boards finish in a close second.  My mom failed me as a child and forgot to teach me to cook.  I do enjoy trying new recipes and preparing food for my family, and with the help of some others (thanks, Georgia Kay!), I’ve sharpened up this skill in my adulthood. Baking, however, is so not my thing. If you eat a cookie in my house, I guarantee you it’s a chocolate chip break n’ bake. Thanks, Kroger.   I also enjoy reading and would really like to get my hands on more books this year.  Also, wine. Momma likes. her. wine. Give me a glass of pinot noir, a great book, and I’m good. Real good.

My family recently sold out to the suburbs after living in a neighborhood called Midtown in Indy. We miss the walkability of our old ‘hood but are settling in quite nicely in our new town. We head back to our old stomping grounds once a week, as we attend a church in the area.

When Melissa and I were dreaming up this blog, we really wanted to create something where we could share and encourage other women. We are by no means experts. I am a hot, hot mess, and I have a yearly pass for the struggle bus. No, seriously. Scott is convinced I have some sort of attention disorder, and I think he’s probably right. He’s done his research (read: he’s “screened” me on WebMD), and things aren’t lookin’ too great for me over here.  Every time I finish a post, it will be a miracle, and I will celebrate. I say all this to remind you that if and when you scroll through our posts, you remember that we are average gals, just like you! So cheers to, momma! Get creative in your chaos with the help of some cabernet.

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