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Valentine Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Last week, Mel posted a Valentine’s Day gift guide for your littles (did she mention everything was under $15?!), and this week, we want to highlight some of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her. You’ve heard about Mel’s shopping problem habit, right? Well thank goodness she always has her eye out for a good deal because she has contributed some amazing products we know you will love.

First off, a poll: Who here buys Valentine’s Day gifts for their (wo)man? I know couples who do get gifts for each other and couples who celebrate the day of love with dinner and a movie. One of my love languages is gifts, so while I do enjoy a good date night with Scott, my love tank overflows when he brings me home pretty little packages…or flowers…or gift cards…or a new car…or a vacation….or…whoops. I digress. Let’s get to it. Here are Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her.


Titleist Pro V1x golf balls // Stanley Adventure Travel Mug // Jim Beam Grilling Essentials // I Love You 6 Pack // Sandalwood Starter Shave Kit // Guitar Pick // Leather Card Holder

  1. Titleist Pro V1x golf balls– Anyone else’s husband go missing during spring?  Is there anything that makes a guy happier than playing a round of golf with some buddies on a beautiful morning in April? (Well. I can think of a few things, but that’s neither here nor there). The point is you can’t go wrong with golf balls, and these are the best (So I hear. I literally have no idea.).
  2. Stanley Adventure Travel Mug-Ok. I have a secret. This gift is really for me. I got Scott a Stanley coffee mug this past Christmas, and I am obsessed. Their look is classic, and when I drink from it, I feel like I should go hiking or do something rugged and adventurous (like camping…which we don’t do.). I love their color choices, and I am diggin’ this navy mug.
  3. Jim Beam Grilling Essentials– Grilling + Jim Beam. ‘Nuff said.
  4. I Love You 6 Pack– Nothing says “I love you” like knowing your guy’s favorite beer…and I’m sure he’ll think the red box with card is cute and stuff too.
  5. Sandalwood Starter Shave Kit– I got Scott a few products from The Art of Shaving last Christmas, and he LOVED them. Local ladies, there is a store at Keystone at the Crossing.
  6. Guitar Pick– An adorable sentiment for the musician in your life. Hopefully it gets you your own #1 single.
  7. Leather Card Holder– Last year, Scott stopped carrying a wallet because he started having some back problems. This year, I got him this leather card holder (which is much thinner than a wallet) that he uses and loves.

Feeling left out, ladies? We’ve got you covered.. Send your boo a link to this page, and you’ll be sure to wake up Valentine’s Day morning smiling. And chocolate. Tell him not to forget the chocolates.


The Lifegiving Home // Slip On Blush Quilted Sneakers // Minted Rose Lip Balm // Latte Mug // Lush Bath Bomb // Pink Winter Hat // LipSense // Erasable Gel Pens


  1. The Lifegiving Home– Talk about being INSPIRED. Ladies, you HAVE to read this book. Sally Clarkson and her daughter, Sarah, suggest ways to make your home unique and welcoming. I have been filing away several of their suggestions. This is just a feel good book.
  2. Slip On Blush Quilted Sneakers– These stopped Mel in her tracks on a Target run the other day. Perfect for spring while chasing the kids around (or from running into the street) at the park.
  3. Minted Rose Lip Balm– I discovered this magic a few years back at Sephora. Instant relief to chapped lips while providing a little shine. I’m obsessed.
  4. Latte Mug– Can one have too many coffee mugs? (Don’t answer that Scott because the answer is “No. No one cannot.”) What a warm way to wake up with the combo of hot coffee and this sweet mug.
  5. Lush Bath Bomb-These bath bombs are, well, the bomb! They smell amazing and are something you totally deserve after going almost a week without showering #momlife.
  6. Pink Winter Hat– Related to above. If you have yet used the bath bomb to shower then you probably need this hat to cover yo dirty hair.
  7. LipSense– Can someone please explain why I am just now hearing about this product? LipSense is a lip color and gloss combination that LITERALLY stays on your lips until you take it off. If you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time to reapply your lip color throughout the day, this stuff is for you. Our friend, Ashley, will be happy to assist finding a color perfect for you.
  8. Erasable Gel Pens-Mel discovered these and it’s all she uses on her calendars and planners now (color coding for life!) They write well and truly, completely erase. And at this affordable price you should just go ahead and treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!

There you have it, ladies. Happy Shopping!

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