Friday Favorites: Gift Guide for 5 Year Olds

My eldest turned 5 earlier this month – which, first let’s have a moment of silence for my son that’s no longer a toddler.






Ok, I’m back. Turning 5 (and soon starting kindergarten) is a hard transition! First you’re just sad that you’re baby is most definitely not a baby anymore but then second you’re excited that maybe getting out of toddlerhood means you’re dealing with a more rational human being (this latter point is probably not really true but it’s the hope that keeps me going)!

Below are a bunch of toys and books he is currently loving in case you need ideas for your own child or a gift for someone else. Even our 3.5 year old daughter loves these items so it’s definitely not exclusively a guide for boys.  I purposely didn’t include his Star Wars obsession but thought about putting together a separate gift guide for that if anyone would be interested? Let me know in the comments! There are surprisingly some great (and even educational) Star Wars buys outside of light sabers and action figures. Who knew!? But onto the gift guide!

Friday Favorite Gift Guide for 5 Year Olds

Zingo / High Bounce Pogo Hopper / Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnets / Lego Classic Brick Box / Look Inside Your Body Book / Playing Card Holders / MightyMind Basic / Raskullz Helmet / Financial Peace Junior / Get Ready for School Activity Pack / Sky Zone

  1. Zingo: Bingo w/ a zing! Parker and Ellie both love this game. It’s a rush to see who can get the game piece they need first in order to make a Bingo. Great for sight words!
  2. High Bounce Pogo Hopper: This soft pogo hopper is lots of fun. Parker and Ellie each have one so they can compete on number of jumps. It’s soft design makes it not as dangerous as a typical pogo stick and easier for little ones to balance and manage – the kids love for Eric and I to get up and hop too!
  3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Number Magnets: Parker and Ellie have a magnet board in their room and I love this set since it comes with the different math signs instead of just the numbers. Parker is just getting into addition so I think this is something that will grow with them.
  4. Lego Classic Brick Box: Who doesn’t love legos?! I feel like around 5 is where children start developing a love for the classic sized legos. Parker still needs help following the directions to build them on his own and so a box like this is more up his alley where he can just use his imagination to build on his own.
  5. Look Inside Your Body Book: This one is a fav in our house! It has flaps inside of flaps inside of flaps. So many learning tidbits and it doesn’t even matter that they can’t read because just looking at the human body is fascinating enough to them. I stick this in backpacks for quiet time at school to keep them occupied.
  6. Playing Card Holders: Parker is old enough to learn some basic card games like Old Maid and UNO but the hardest part is holding all the cards in his hands. It can be frustrating and a game ending moment. Enter these holders and it makes all the difference because now he can concentrate on the game instead of his hands.
  7. MightyMind Basic: I LOVE this! It brings old school tangrams back to life with pattern building shapes. I was so surprised at how well this kept their attention and how excited they got when they would complete a card. In the beginning, I also was honestly surprised at how well they understood the concept but I think that is due to the way the cards are strategically numbered from easiest to hardest in order to boost confidence.
  8. Raskullz T-Chopz Dinosaur Helmet: Ok, so a dinosaur bike helmet may be stereotypical more “boy,” but I added it because Parker always gets compliments when he wears it (which makes me feel like maybe drivers see him better with such a standout helmet?) and because I think around 5 is when the training wheels start to come off and protective wear is even more important. I also think practical gifts can be the best gifts!
  9. Financial Peace Junior: This awesome resource was created by Dave Ramsey, financial guru. It helps your child learn the concept of giving, saving and spending money. It comes with activities, games, step-by-step instructions for parents and age-appropriate chores. Help your kids set their own financial goals and see how excited they are when it is achieved.
  10. Get Ready for School Wipe Clean Activity Pack: This little 4 pack is perfect for travel or to keep in backpacks. It comes with 4 different wipe clean books and a dry erase marker in a reusable cute little tote with handle. This one includes ABC, 123, first letters and ready for writing.
  11. Sky Zone Trampoline Park: I also love when my kids are gifted experiences. They don’t always need stuff and so sometimes buying a ticket is just the ticket. We hosted Parker’s 5th birthday at Sky Zone this year and it was a blast for all who came. The kids burned endless energy and Parker got to jump around like a real Star Wars Jedi. If there is a Sky Zone (or similar trampoline park) near you I encourage you to check it out!

We hope this gift guide helps you out! If you have other awesome ideas for 5 year olds please leave them in the comments! Have a great weekend!


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