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Bulk Favors on the Cheap // Spring Edition

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Recently, I was asked by the Children’s Director at our church to create a small token of appreciation for those who volunteer in our children’s nurseries. The task at hand is to create 100 thank-you’s, or, a favor of sorts, every 6 weeks for $25 or less. Because I will  be crafting several of these over the course of the year, I have decided to create a series titled “Bulk Favors on the Cheap.” The first group of thank-you’s will go out at the beginning of March, so I wanted them to scream all things SPRING! One can dream, right?

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While I am making these for a church setting, you can certainly recreate them as favors for a birthday party, wedding, employee appreciation event, etc. The options are endless, so let’s get started.

Have you had time to do the math? While I’m not the accountant in my family, I’m pretty sure 100 favors for $25 dollars means a very limited budget per person: 25 cents to be exact. But fear not. We’ve got this. I headed to our local dollar store and found these flower packets 4/$1. Perfect. They also sold vegetable seeds for the same price, but I thought that flower seeds would be more universally used. However, how cute would vegetable seeds be as a garden party favor? (Filing that away for later.)

Also worth mentioning here is that taking your four, three, and one-year-old to the dollar store, picking out a variation of 100 flower seed packets, and waiting for the cashier to ring up said flower packets is not my idea of fun. Nevertheless, she I persisted (your political humor for the day) and came out ready to personalize the packets.

To create a thank-you note to attach to the flower packets, I used a program called Canva. What I love about Canva is that you can create beautiful designs (for little to no cost) even if you lack graphic design training. I wanted to include a message that expressed appreciation but also tied in the spring theme. The messaging I used was “Thank you for helping the [name of our church] kids grow to know Jesus,” but you can adapt this message to meet your needs (e.g., Thank you for helping us celebrate our growing girl!). I then had the design printed on cardstock and cut them in preparation to attach them to the packets.

To attach the note and packet together, I used a hole punch and baker’s twine. One important thing to note is that I did not use a standard hole punch; rather, I used a 1/16 inch punch much like the one here. The purpose behind this was that I did not want to allow the seeds an opportunity to escape the packets, and a smaller punch, in my opinion, looks nicer. Once I tied the card to the packets, they were ready to go. Pretty simple, huh?

Now, do me a favor, and get to making your favors! See what I did there? Pretty funny, right? Huh? Anyone? No…? Oh, ok.

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What You’ll Need

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Flower Packets (found at your local dollar store)

Baker’s Twine

Cardstock Paper

1/16 inch hole punch

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