Read Across America Day: Usborne Favorites

For those unfamiliar, Read Across America Day is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place on Dr. Seuss’s birthday – March 2nd! So I thought I would do my “Friday Favorites” a day early! I’m also piggy-backing on this holiday to make a fun announcement – I recently became an Usborne Books and More consultant! My kids (and Betsy’s!) have been enjoying these books for over a year and due to my obsession I thought it was high time to take this leap of faith. I’ve always been an avid reader and so being able to have a job that allows me to spread the love of literacy and learning is something I’m very passionate about. I first heard about Usborne through my sister-in-law who is also a consultant and they have been my go-to book option for my own kids and to give as gifts. Keep reading to learn more and at the end I even have a special offer for all our readers!


What I love about Usborne is their focus on publishing educational and meaningful books for ages newborn through adolescence. Each book serves a purpose and is written and illustrated in a way that keeps your child engaged (and wanting to read it over and over again). The books grow with your kids and can even be enlightening to you as an adult (yes, I’ve definitely learned a thing or two from these books)! Usborne sells many activity books too. These have been perfect for quiet time, passing time while in a waiting room and more. Their sticker books are a favorite with Ellie and their wipe-clean books with Parker. Below are a few of our current family favorites!


Look Inside: Your Body – I mentioned this one during our Gift Guide for 5 year olds but wanted to put it here too. This book is seriously the best. With over 100 flaps and working it’s way through every part of the body it’s a great tool for all those questions your kids are sure to ask.

Cordelia – This is a beautiful story book about a girl who believes she can fly. The message is about believing in yourself and not letting anyone squash your dreams. Makes me teary when I read it! Such an uplifting message!

You Choose – This has been a favorite around here for awhile. Each page asks a different question like, “If you could live anywhere, where would it be?” or “If you could eat anything, what would it be?” The page then has illustrations of hundreds of different answers a person could give for the corresponding question. My kids love choosing their favorites and asking us ours. It encourages speech and language development as well as independent thinking.

All Better – An Usborne classic! This larger board book comes with 5 reusable stickers shaped like band-aids. On each page an animal hurts themselves and it’s up to the reader to choose the correct bandage and to place it on the owie making the animal “all better!” Your kids will love playing doctor!

Muddle and Match: Jobs – There are several in the Muddle and Match series but this is our current favorite. Muddle and Match is a board book with split pages. Readers can switch the head, body and legs of the characters inside. Making the switch also creates new stories with the words. The text is full of alliteration and creative vocabulary that is sure to interest your little one!

Wipe-Clean Alphabet – All the wipe-clean books come with a dry erase marker and several pages of activities. There are so many versions: numbers, telling time, math, beginning pen control, connect-the-dot and more. My kids never tire of these and I love how they can be used over and over again!

The Outdoor Book – This is a newer release and is quickly becoming the favorite of many. This book has lots and lots of activities to do outdoors, wherever you are or whatever the weather – by the sea or on a riverbank, in the woods, in your garden, when it’s sunny or raining, or even at night. Activities include making a shelter from branches and leaves, going on a nighttime nature walk, marking out trails to follow, making your own map, exploring a rock pool, and even cooking on a campfire. Perfect for your little adventurer!

Shine-a-Light: Secrets of the Apple Tree – There are several books in our shine-a-light series. You use a flashlight underneath each page to reveal additional images. So fun! Some other themes include The Human Body, USA, Space, On a Plane and Vegetable Garden. Secrets of the Apple tree is also currently on special for $8.99 for anyone with a $40 order.

That’s Not My Bunny – The “That’s Not My” series are board books for our youngest readers. Each page has a touchy feely element and there are dozens of titles to choose from. I highlighted the “bunny” because it would be the perfect addition to the Easter basket!

Story Path – This picture book allows young readers to choose their own characters, settings, and plots at every turn. With a simple, easy-to-follow structure and bold, quirky imagery, it’s an imaginative, unique storytelling experience. Choose your own adventure for littles!


Usborne books can be bought through consultants like myself. My personal shopping site is If you decide to purchase it will ask you which party your order is a part of and you can pick “Mel and Betsy Blog.” But there is a way to get your wishlist for FREE! Sign up to host a Facebook party with me (or in-home if you’re local to the Indy area) and you will earn free books based on sales. The even better part is that during my first few months as a consultant I can offer DOUBLE rewards. I earned $180 in free books this way in the past and I just awarded someone else $200! It’s so much fun with little time commitment. I do all the work you just invite your friends and attend! Also since it’s Read Across America day I am sweetening the deal by offering $25 in free books on top of the double rewards. My calendar in booking quick so if you’re interested send me an email at and we’ll get you started!


If you are reading this and looking for a way to earn income from home then I’d love to chat more with you about these awesome books and Usborne as a company. I’ve done direct sales in the past and didn’t think it was for me – but then I found Usborne and love how their company is set up for consultants and how easy to it to make money right away. I have a facebook event soon that goes into further detail about the life as a consultant so again just email me at if you’d like to RSVP.


Finally to end, below is a fun video I put together when I made my announcement on my personal Facebook page and wanted to show it with you all too. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading and for all the support I’ve already received by my family and friends!

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