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Friday Favorites: Easter Outfit Edition

Any holiday or engagement that I can throw the kids in coordinating outfits is a good day, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be Easter. I just love all the fun, spring colors! I also feel like there are a lot more options compared to Christmas or 4th of July, for example. Before getting into some ideas for your little one(s), how about we hop down the Mattingly bunny trail of Easter’s past.

2012 and 2013: Easter egg hunts as the only child are the best


2014: Enjoyed a lovely brunch at Trader’s Point Creamery

2015: They were lucky to even be dressed this year. My morning sickness was strong!

2016: Made the girls matching skirts with material I had over-zealously bought for the previous year.

But now it’s 2017 and Easter is only a little more than 2 weeks away! If you haven’t found that perfect outfit for your little one hopefully some of these options will strike your fancy. I have the bunny tights listed below for my girls to wear with this velvet bell-sleeve dress from Gap (sizes limited now, which is why I didn’t include it in list below) for Easter Day. Parker is still clothes-less so working on that, but really digging the chambray vest! I did snag the Hip Hop bunny tee mentioned below though for Parker to wear to school. What are your favorites? Or find a heck of a deal elsewhere? Please share!

Easter Clothes for Infants

Hop Crew Pullover / Floral Flutter Dress / Twill Shorts w/ Bunny Print / Bunny D’Orsey Flats / Straw Fedora / Spring Headband Trio / Bunny Carrot Sleeper / Pink Lace Dress / Mint Green Chinos / Suspender Outfit / Blue Striped Shoes / Straw Hat w/ Ears

Easter Clothes for Toddlers

Check Madras Shirt / Bunny Sleep Set / Sparkle Bunny Headband / Bunny Tights / Hip Hop Tee / Glitter Bunny Crossbody / Bunny Hooded Jacket / Dog Bunny Tee / Yellow Shorts / Chambray Vest / Canvas Sneakers / Coral Eyelet Dress / Bunny Ballet Flats

Hoppy Shopping!!

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