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Friday Favorites: Easter Basket Ideas

Hippity-hoppity the Easter bunny is almost here! What is your family tradition with Easter baskets? The past couple of years we have put clues in plastic eggs that lead the kids to the next egg and the next egg, etc, until finally they are led to their hidden basket. Obviously with toddlers we’ve had to make this really simple, but I’m excited for the future when we can make it more difficult!

Below is a rundown of my kids baskets this year. I try to mainly stay in the $3 or less end per item but if there is something they are in need of anyway (like Ellie’s ballet shoes) then I would rather spend more and include it in the basket then picking out some cheap toy that may barely get used. Even before becoming a consultant for Usborne Books and More, I always included books in their baskets – can never have too many of those! Also if you have not hit up the Target dollar spot or you’re local Dollar Tree run now! That’s where many of these goodies were found. Happy shopping!

DSC_0031Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

  1. Target Dollar Spot: Number Sequence Magnet Board, Wooden Slingshot, Pirate’s Chest Excavation Kit
  2. Target (outside of dollar spot): Star Wars Candy, Star Wars Sunglasses
  3. Dollar Tree: Rocket Balloons, Make Your Own Snow Kit (upper left-hand corner), Chocolate Easter Bunny
  4. Michael’s Craft Store: Paintable Wooden Birdhouse, Bubbles
  5. Usborne Books and More: 100 Paper Planes to Fold & Fly, Hey Jack! The Toy Sale early chapter book, Goat in a Boat phonics book

DSC_0029Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

  1. Target Dollar Spot: Word Building Magnet Board, Seashell Gem Excavation Kit
  2. Target (outside of dollar spot): Ballet Shoes, M&M Easter Tube, Socks
  3. Dollar Tree: 6 Pack of Headbands, Chocolate Easter Bunny
  4. Michael’s Craft Store: Paintable Wooden Birdhouse, Bubbles
  5. Usborne Book and More: Peek Inside Beauty & the Beast, Billie’s Great Desert Adventure, First Sticker Book Nature

DSC_0026Easter Basket Ideas for Girls (1)

These are Maren’s goodies, however I didn’t know how to title it. At 17 months, I don’t quite consider her a toddler, but these are definitely not infant/baby items either. I also felt like hers would be great for a boy or girl so we’re going with an “activity basket” theme here! Due to having older siblings Maren has really gotten into the coloring/creating way earlier than my other two did. I’m still looking for a singing stuffed animal for her. She found one at a friend’s house and wouldn’t let it go. She loved dancing with it – so any ideas (especially a non-annoying one if that exists) please let a girl know!

  1. Dollar Tree: Large Bubble Wand, Sandbox Toys, Easter Egg Chalk 6-Pack, Scribble Pad, Construction Paper
  2. Michael’s Craft Store: Paintable Woodenย Birdhouse, Bubbles
  3. Usborne Books and More: Hen’s Pens phonics books, The Story of Baby Jesus picture book, That’s Not My Bunny touchy feely book

Hope these help stir some ideas! I usually put a combo basket together for Eric and myself too (because we deserve chocolate the most in my opinion). Anyone else do that? And if you haven’t already be sure to check out our other recent Easter posts including: Easter clothes ideas, decorating your mantle for Easter/spring and our garden themed Easter playdate. More Easter fun to come next week too – so stay tuned!


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