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How To Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables: Vegetable Garden Themed Playdate {Part 2}

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Last week, we shared Part 1 of this post and highlighted Clara’s amazing baked goods. Be sure to check it out in case you missed it!

Today, we are focusing on our play date activities. We started out our afternoon with a great, vegetable-themed book to get the kids excited about our time together. Mel picked Secrets of a Vegetable Garden, a Shine-A-Light book, to read to the kids. If you aren’t familiar with this series of books, let me tell you…they are awesome! Essentially, you “shine-a-light” (using a flashlight or your phone or any other light source) behind the page of the book, and images are revealed to the reader. A huge hit for the little ones. You can learn more about the book (and books like it) from Mel (See this post).


After Melissa read to the group, it was time to take what we had learned and put it into action. I bought plastic planters from the dollar store and had Scott drill holes into the bottom for drainage. The kids potted the planters with soil, cilantro starters, basil starters, and green onion seeds.




After the kids had potted their herbs, it was time to decorate their planters. Using washable paint and large paintbrushes, the little artists went to work. I found cute egg crates at the dollar spot at Target to serve as a paint tray for each child.


We then allowed the kids to water their plants, and set them in the sun to dry.

With Easter just around the corner, we wanted to include an Easter-themed activity as well, and what kid does not love a good ole fashioned egg hunt? The babes loved running around, collecting their eggs, and checking out their goodies inside.


As I mentioned in Part 1, I had originally envisioned this to be a Peter Rabbit-themed play date. While the play date moved in another direction, I still was able to incorporate the idea with drinking cups and paint brush holders (similar style plastic cups from Pottery Barn Kids found here).


Not unlike most play dates, there was a lot of running around and jumping and climbing and biking in addition to all of our planned activities. And let us not forget snacks. Shout out to Scott for having our backyard lookin’ right for our day. Side note: Does anyone else’s husband “need” to mow three times a week? Asking for a friend.


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