Hi!…We’re Still Here

Hey there, stranger. I wanted to drop you, our reader, a quick note and let you know that Melissa and I haven’t gone anywhere! We have both been busy (who’s not, right?), and putting together a blog post requires time and energy. We have limited amounts of both! However, we love this blog, and we love you, so we are asking that you stick with us until things slow down a bit and we can commit more time to our blogΒ baby.

So what does this mean? Well, you likely won’t be seeing 3 posts a week, but we each will do our best to post at least once. We have a whole bucket of blog post ideas that we can’t wait to write. It’s just a matter of finding the time and energy (I’m tired. Are you tired?) to do so.

Here’s what’s been going on:

Along with two other couples, we began a euchre club. Once a month, we get together for food, drinks, and, you guessed it, euchre. Scott and I hosted for the first time at our place. Mel hosts in June. It’s very likely that we will write a post about it in the future in case you were wondering about logistics and how you can start a card club of your own!

Hank and Nora are finishing up school, and I’ve registered them both for camps this summer. Hank is also now registered for kindergarten, so I’m going to need anyone and everyone’s advice who has gone before. Like, seriously. How am I supposed to cope? Mentally? Emotionally? How does one do this? Tell me. TELL ME. TELLLLLL MEEEEEE.

We are also in the throws of soccer season. This is Hank’s first year, and it’s been fun watching him learn the game I loved growing up. I’m not sure if he will continue to show an interest, but I am so glad he’s participating now.


We are gearing up for a family vacation. Scott and I are both ready for a little R & R. Although, is there ever R & R when you are responsible for three little lives? Luckily, his parents are also vacationing with us, so we are excited to see them and for the extra help.

Melissa’s crew is doing well, too. Parker is also registered for kindergarten and is dominating in his t-ball league. Kid’s a natural. Melissa’s husband has been busy coaching his team, so Melissa is knee deep in all things baseball.


Thank you for sticking with us and reading our blog. I’ve told you before, and I’ll tell you again: it makes my day when someone mentions they have read a post or enjoyed something we wrote about.

Later, gaters!

3 thoughts on “Hi!…We’re Still Here

  1. Enjoy your vacation, Betsy! I’d love to get our book club rolling when you return. I know, adding one more thing to your busy life… ❀


    1. Hey Grace, Yes…Abby just asked for your email, so we are getting the ball rolling as soon as she gets back from an international trip!! Can’t wait xox


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