Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

It’s me (Betsy)…again! Are you all sick of me yet? Mel is super busy gearing up for her famous “The Greatest Spectacle in Race Parties” party. If you’re local to Indy, you know racing is a BIG DEAL, and Mel and her family are in a prime location for hosting Indy 500 festivities.

My family is in recovery mode from a pretty rough week. Between Scott, Hank, and Duke, we’ve enjoyed a trip to the emergency room, a black eye, and a short-lived stomach bug that left us with projectile vomit on our hallway walls. Awesome.

We did end the week on a better note. This morning, the kids and I met my dad, stepmom, and niece to pick strawberries. And the strawbe-cherry on top? My dad took home allllll the strawberries and is going to whip up some homemade strawberry jam. I don’t have to do nuffin. ‘Cuz I don’t know how. And I don’t want to.

So, ya. Thanks, dad.


This post is boring. I’m bored typing it, so I know you’re bored reading it. Why are you even still reading it? You should stop.




Did you stop? I’ll give you one more chance to click the “X”.






Happy weekend!!!

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