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Saving Your Kids’ Artwork

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Way back in February, Melissa wrote a post titled “How to Organize your Kids Keepsakes and School Papers.”  You should check it out because her idea is amazing. In it, she mentions how, from the time our babies are born, we begin to collect their stuff–photos, cards, newspaper clippings, etc. Shen then shares how she organizes all of it, and it’s pretty genius.

While we, as moms and dads, are inclined to want to save errything (unless you’re Scott), the reality is we can’t. Today, I want to share what I do with my kid’s artwork when they bring it home. It’s not a perfect solution for mommas who like to hold onto tangible paintings and Play-doh sculptures from their littles, but it works for my family and is a way to eliminate clutter. (Am I allowed to call my kids’ creations clutter?)

You remember I’m all about photo books, right? Not only do I use them for our family yearbooks, but I also use them to design art books for my kids’ drawings, paintings, sculptures, and other little masterpieces they create throughout the year. I simply snap a picture, upload it into my Shutterfly app on my phone, and at the end of the school year, create a small (8″ x 8″) picture book.

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I get it. A photo of a piece of art takes away some of its magic, and I imagine that, over the years, I’ll save a painting here and there. But for now, this is a way that I can capture all of my kids’ creativity and imagination without having to rent a storage shed.

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So tell me your tips and tricks. What do you do with the artwork that your babes bring home? What is worth saving to you? We’d love to hear!

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