Summer Bucket List 2017 {Greater Indianapolis Area}

At the risk of being cliché and overdue (which, this post is both), I present to you our (and by our, I mean mine.) summer bucket list:

  1. Trader’s Point Creamery: Some time ago, Scott and I ate at The Loft Restaurant. While I forget what we ordered, I do remember it being delicious. However, this time when we go, I’d love to take the kids on a tour (Does anyone highly recommend the guided tour? It costs a bit more.). I love that they offer a free cow-milking viewing in the evening. And, let’s be honest. We aren’t leaving there without something from The Dairy Bar.
  2. Creek Stomping: Check. My kids and I joined my mom, aunt, and cousins for a day of stomping around Holliday Park.  I loved this particular park because it provides creeks to stomp in suitable for my little ones, but also older kids (areas where the water is a bit deeper). We had a blast and enjoyed the peaceful scenery along one of its many trails.
  3. Ft. Wayne Children’s Zoo: I’ve been to many-a-zoos, and I’ve got to say, this one is one of my favorites (thanks, AnnDee!). The key word here is children’s. The zoo is geared towards little ones, and there are plenty of activities including pony rides, a crocodile creek adventure ride, and a sky safari ride (which, by the way is TERRIFYING…I hate HATE HATTTEEEEEE heights. I hate them. And storms. And olives.).
  4. Chicago (Cubs) trip: Another check. This past weekend, Scott and I took the kids and two, sweet girls to babysit (the girls I watched in college…life has come full circle) up to the Windy City. Scott and I enjoyed Wrigley while the girls let the kids “swim” in the bathtub since the hotel pool was broken. #compromise The next day, we took the kids to the Museum of Science + Industry, and wow. Blown away.

    Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

  5. Conner Prarie: Here’s where I need your help. I know I want to take the kids here, and I’ve been before (last time was likely circa 2000), but every time I get on their website to research what to do, I get overwhelmed. Help. HELP. HELLLPPPPP. What do I do? What do I take them to see? Do I pack a lunch? Do I dress my kids like pilgrims? Kidding. But seriously, help me.
  6. Outdoor water park: What if I told you I want to leave my kids at home for this one? And how old is too old to go down the water slides? Asking for a friend.
  7. Summer Concert: A packed picnic. Beautiful weather. Live music. Am I asking for too much? Again, what if I told you I want to leave my kids at home for this one as well? Kidding. Kind of.

Ok, what am I missing? What’s on your list?

One thought on “Summer Bucket List 2017 {Greater Indianapolis Area}

  1. Loved your list Betsy!!!! One thing I am going to do with my slightly older grandkids is hit the downtown Library and the Monument. Anything different is what they will remember and love!!! Teta Fox


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