Summer Bucket List 2017 {Greater Indianapolis Area}

At the risk of being cliché and overdue (which, this post is both), I present to you our (and by our, I mean mine.) summer bucket list: Trader’s Point Creamery: Some time ago, Scott and I ate at The Loft Restaurant. While I forget what we ordered, I do remember it being delicious. However, this… Continue reading Summer Bucket List 2017 {Greater Indianapolis Area}

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Saving Your Kids’ Artwork

Way back in February, Melissa wrote a post titled “How to Organize your Kids Keepsakes and School Papers.”  You should check it out because her idea is amazing. In it, she mentions how, from the time our babies are born, we begin to collect their stuff–photos, cards, newspaper clippings, etc. Shen then shares how she organizes… Continue reading Saving Your Kids’ Artwork


Personalized and Handmade Toys

Thank you for visiting. We are glad that you’re here! Be sure to like us on Facebook. Alright, it’s confession time. I want you to raise your hand (seriously, do it.) if you’ve ever confidently said you would NEVER do (fill in the blank) before having kids and now have to retract your statement. Me? Guilty as… Continue reading Personalized and Handmade Toys


Florida Favorites: Pensacola Beach

Last week, Scott and I gathered everything we own, crammed it into our minivan (what! what!), buckled in three cute little pieces of precious cargo, and drove to Pensacola Beach, Florida, for a week-long vacation with Scott’s parents. Serious question: why is it that when you travel with kids, you have to pack up your… Continue reading Florida Favorites: Pensacola Beach