Favorite Indianapolis Indoor Play Places

I know, I know – the weather has been gorgeous here lately so no need to hang out indoors. But this afternoon is calling for storms and typically spring brings lots of rain, so it’s good to have a back-up plan (or 5) for when the poor weather day comes and your sanity needs you to get… Continue reading Favorite Indianapolis Indoor Play Places

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Friday Favorites: Easter Basket Ideas

Hippity-hoppity the Easter bunny is almost here! What is your family tradition with Easter baskets? The past couple of years we have put clues in plastic eggs that lead the kids to the next egg and the next egg, etc, until finally they are led to their hidden basket. Obviously with toddlers we’ve had to… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Easter Basket Ideas

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Mantle Mix-Up: Easter Edition

Happy hump day! Today we are debuting a new series called “Mantle Mix-Up.” Betsy and I both enjoy decorating our mantles according to season and holiday. Β We thought it would be fun to showcase each of our mantles in one post to help inspire your own ideas. Our current mantles are, of course, all about… Continue reading Mantle Mix-Up: Easter Edition

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Friday Favorites: Easter Outfit Edition

Any holiday or engagement that I can throw the kids in coordinating outfits is a good day, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be Easter. I just love all the fun, spring colors! I also feel like there are a lot more options compared to Christmas or 4th of July,… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Easter Outfit Edition

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Tips and Ideas for Planning a Themed Birthday Party

Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m addicted to planning themed birthday parties. I’m the “pinterest mom” all you non-party planners hate. But, I don’t do it for the compliments, I don’t do it because I think it’s necessary and, if we’re honestly speaking, I don’t even do it all for my kid (meaning they… Continue reading Tips and Ideas for Planning a Themed Birthday Party

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A Peek Inside Mel’s Workspace

In full disclosure my work space is more of a reveal compared to a “where I’ve been working,” like Betsy did. Because if I told you where I’ve set up shop for the past year, then this is what you’d be getting: I mean I love my kitchen and all, but having a laptop and… Continue reading A Peek Inside Mel’s Workspace


Dress Up Storage and Organization

Do your kids pretend dress-up items seem to magically procreate like mine? It all started out innocently enough with a Batman cape and a princess dress and then suddenly we have 5 pairs of plastic high heels that are all missing a match, a hat from every occupation known to mankind, tutus coming out of… Continue reading Dress Up Storage and Organization